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Last year in America, nearly 70% of people died intestate (without a will) leaving behind heart break, confusion and legal arguments for their loved ones.

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Taking care of your Loved ones after you've gone is something that everybody thinks about. Creating your Last Will and Testament is simple, with our easy on-line forms and clear instructions. We will connect you with expert inheritance lawyers if you need specialized assistance.


What about my Partner?

Most BeQest members use our mirror will. It fits most couples, you both make a reflection of each other’s Will leaving your combined assets to each other. Mirror Wills are included in BeQest Plus+ and very easy to create and maintain as your life changes.


Is it Secure?

We take Security seriously, using military grade encryption for all your valuable documents. We use (SSL) 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate encryption. We audit our security with Comodo, a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services.


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We believe our Online Will Making Services will transform your life. Having an accurate, accessible and up to date Last Will and Testament gives you more peace of mind than you ever thought possible. We have no hidden fees, no claim on your estate. We're so sure of this that we let you create your Basic Will for Free.

BeQest makes no demands on any part of your estate